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The Music We Like To Play

You can get an idea of the range of music we perform from some of our more recent concerts.  Where the music is out of copyright links are included to the scores.  We've also added a short summary of how the players felt about the music and, in some cases, links to you tube performances (not by the Orchestra).

Autumn 2018

Vivaldi  - Concerto for two violins and strings

"Duelling violins" in an energetic piece of music that just can't take too much energy from the strings supporting them.

Marquez – Danzon 2

Mexican music with the Latin dance beat coming through brilliantly after a gorgeous melodic start from the clarinet and harp.  Great use of brass to bring this modern piece to a dynamic climax.  Our conductor encouraged ever more communication between the players to get the feeling he wanted - more emotion please!


Chaminade – Concertino for Flute

A charming flute solo from a little known last-century French composer.  Little known because of how female composers were treated - not because of the quality of her music.  Sophisticated but not over-scored to nicely support the soloist.

Borodin – Symphony no 2
A magnificent piece from this Russian composer.  Those of use who hadn't played this before were quite apprehensive - it's quite challenging technically with constant time and key changes and a complex ensemble inter-play across the orchestra - but great fun in the end.  Just listen for those rapid repeated notes around the wind and brass - so difficult technically as they span the dangerous land between single and double tounguing.

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