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if you're a playing member of the Orchestra we'll use this part of our site to share useful information with you.  You might also want to visit the Orchestra's Facebook page if you want to discuss or post topics of interest.  You can also learn more about the playing members of the Orchestra.

We also have a folder with documents of interest to members and a private Facebook to discuss any Orchestra-related matters.  Check out these links:




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How the Orchestra is run

The Orchestra has a Committee made up of playing members.  They are responsible for the running of the Orchestra but would love to hear from anyone with queries or suggestions for improving how we enjoy classical music in Scottish Borders.

The Orchestra is a registered charity - we depend on your subscriptions, ticket sales, our Supporters and occasional grants to pay our way.

We hold at least two main concerts a year - in the Spring and Autumn.  These feature a full programme of work and we have dedicated rehearsals once a week running up to each concert.  From time to time smaller groups of players take part in other events.

The rehearsals for the main concerts normally start with a run through of all the programme.  In consultation with the conductor, we then pick different pieces to practice through remaining rehearsals.  Details of what we're planning to practice on each evening rehearsal will normally be published in the Orchestra events diary.  Look out for the occasional sectional rehearsals too (locations may vary depending on section).

Last rehearsal is normally on the Saturday afternoon before the evening concert - when we go through the full programme one last time with the full orchestra.  We then break for tea and then complete the concert.  Concert attire is usually black (for men, black shirt/trousers - no tie or jacket required).

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