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Our Autumn 2019 concert will be held on Saturday November 16th, under the baton of Tony Kime and led by Claire Taylor.  

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The programme will feature a diverse and exciting set of works - including some especially arranged for the Orchestra by Tony, and never before heard live in Peebles:

  • Libertango (Astor Piazzolla) 

  • El dia que me quieras (Carlos Gardel)  

  • Vocalise (Rachmaninov) 

  • La Valse (Ravel) 

as well as:

  • Dvorak Nocturne for Strings

  • Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony.

See our full programme of events.  If you want to come along and join in the music, rehearsals will start on Wednesday 4th September.  Keep an eye on our diary for details or contact the Orchestra directly.


Libertango is a composition by tango composer Astor Piazzolla, recorded and published in 1974 in Milan. The title is a portmanteau merging "Libertad" (Spanish for liberty) and "Tango", symbolizing Piazzolla's break from Classical Tango to Tango Nuevo.  There's a great little bio of Piazzolla's interesting life here (link).

El día que me quieras (English: The day that you love me) is another tango with music by Carlos Gardel and lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera.  Originally featured in the 1935 film of the same name, sung by Gardel himself, it became a heavily recorded tango standard, even by artists outside of the realm of tango.  It has subsequently been covered by various artists such as Luis Miguel, Julio Iglesias, Michael Boltonm Roberto Carlos and Raphael de España. 

In 2009 a statue of Gardel appeared in various towns in Scotland - for 90 minutes at a time.  Here's what the folk of Fife made of it (link).

Although your web site editor has taken tango lessons in the past, no dancing will be performed on the night!

"Vocalise" is a song written for high voice (soprano or tenor) with piano accompaniment, it contains no words, but is sung using any one vowel of the singer's choosing. It was dedicated to soprano Antonina Nezhdanova.

For La Valse, Ravel himself provided a brief scenario to evoke the music "Swirling clouds afford glimpses, through rifts, of waltzing couples. The clouds scatter little by little; one can distinguish an immense hall with a whirling crowd. The scene grows progressively brighter. The light of the chandeliers bursts forth at the fortissimo. An imperial court, about 1855."

Antonina Nezhdanova.jpg

Antonina Nezhdanova - star Soprana and voice teacher at the Bolshoi and Moscow Conservatory from 1902 to her death in 1950

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